"Joint Conference on Feminisms of Color in Germany "

by and for us.


"By and for us," we are all women, trans * and inter* who understand ourselves to be Black, of color, as Jewish, Muslim, living in exile, as Roma and Sinti or Migrants.


We see the FEMOCO2013 conference as an open space, where we can spend time together - talking, listening, chilling, discussing, drinking coffee, sharing, spinning ideas, getting to know our stories, live our activism, find ways to one another and much more ...


Last year, we sent out a call via various networks asking that ideas for the program, workshops and lectures be sent us. It was important for us to receive comprehensive input, to find out where folks are actually positioned and who's working or thinking about which topics, or what's missing ...


A lot of beautiful thoughts came together, from which we’ve put together a program. Besides the fixed program, there will be space at the conference to just hang out, listen to music, celebrate and to just be ...


The conference takes place September 7-8th, in the offices of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung eV, Schumann Straße 8, 10117 Berlin.


We look forward to seeing you!


The rooms are wheelchair accessible. Should you need additional arrangements, write us.


If you need translation, we can organize this. Simply enter your requirements in the registration form. Of course, a sign language interpreter is possible.


We also offer a children's program (up to 12yrs of age) with painting, crafts and empowerment workshops, please also register your child on the registration form.










In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Gunda-Werner-Institut in der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung